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my grandmother is there. They are the absolute best! All other places I've walked into smell like urine really bad! This place didn't it was spotless and smell amazing. They take care of the patients very well. I'm so highly satisfied that when I need something like this. I want to be there! They treat you like family.
Shauna Hayes
Very caring and compassionate staff
Michelle Ayers
Great administrator, caring staff, clean building!!
melinda gunter
Great place to be
Tommy Gamez
My father was her until his death in 2011. This is a wonderful facility!
Benita Parks
I have visited many Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina and none have shown better than SIlas Creek Rehabilitation Center. What a clean facility, bright and lively therapy gym and wonderful team members. In fact, during my tour I met Tatum Snow the Regional Director of Admissions who personally showed me around the Center and introduced me to the Administrator, Director of Admissions and Rehab Director. I talked with many of the residents and some visiting family members and they couldn't say enough positive things about the care and services they have received from this professional team. If you are looking for a wonderful Skilled Nursing Facility for your family member, you must stop in and visit Silas Creek Rehabilitation Center.
Tom O'Neill
What a wonderful facility full of great folks. You can feel the team-spirit at this facility and see the great care that is delivered to the residents. They have a Novant physician on site 5 to 6 days a week and available by phone 24 hours per day. Silas Creek Rehabilitation Center is a preferred partner with the Novant Hospital system. Forsyth hospital is just across the street which means you are moments away should an acute episode arise. If you need short-term or long-term care, Silas Creek Rehabilitation Center is the place to be in the Winston-Salem area.
Michael Zomchek
Looking for a caring, professional and highly qualified staff,come here. Great nursing team; excellent wound care,with a weekly wound care specialist, ; physician available 24 hrs a day. Have seen amazing results with their awesome Wound care Team.
Cathy Coker
I enjoy working here and the staff is very friendly.The residents are nice and friendly
Rotunya Scales
The Kitchen Has A Lot Of New Staff And The Food Has Gotten Great.Its Very Clean In The Kitchen And The Building Has Improved as well.
Sabrina Murden
I have been working here for 9 years and I love it. They work with your schedule. As part of staff, we try to provide quality care for our residents. The nurses are good workers and they try to help out as much as possible. The building is a clean place to work.
Katrina Posey
Silas Creek Rehab is not only a great place for your loved ones to live or even come to after a stay in the hospital or a fall at home as a worker here it is a great place to build a good support system. There is no place like home but here your love ones will always feel like they are right at home with the great care that they will have with the friendly staff here.
Malika Sykes
my father was there and they treated him great...they showed him and us respect...they was attentive to his needs and wants...can's and nurses did a wonderful job I didn't regret my choice.
Tamika Gentry
I had my father at Silas Creek Rehab. He had been in an acute rehab center after having a stroke who told us he would never be able to walk and would always be on thicken liquids and would have to eat food that had been processed to a soft mush. I didn’t accept their report and had him admitted to Silas Creek Rehab. There rehab dept was AWESOME! He is home now, he walks with a special walker and can drink regular liquids and eats regular food! He wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with and the nursing staff overall were very patient with him. I am eternally grateful to these folks for the care they gave him!
You won't find a better rehab therapy department anywhere. They work miracles!
TRACI Greene
While this may be an older building and lack some curb appeal, it is a wonderful place of employment. The administrative team is exactly that... a TEAM. A great place to start a career. Working closely with Novant is an added bonus!
Brittany Wilson
This place is now Silas Creek Rehabilitation Center, a pilot program from Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center. They have new management, directives, standards of care, etc. and has made some major changes. While the facility is a little old, the staff is experienced and well educated. So far, my mom has been very impressed with the center, but that was just during the first day after being transferred from the hospital. I will update more during her stay there.
Kipp Hollingsworth
My mother was admitted to the facility following a stay at the hospital and did exceptionally well! The nurses were AWESOME! The Therapists far exceeded my expectations! The food was delicious! My mother is home now and doing wonderfully do to the care and attention she received at Kindred. I would strongly recommend this facility for anyone needing help after a hospital stay to recover and get home fast.
joon khanoom
Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation at Silas Creek provided, from the initial contact while I was still in the hopsital until my discharge on December 19th, 2012, totally professional and personal care. Each member of the team made me glad that I had selected this facility. I had personal interaction with the majority fo the team and they knew my name on sight. The recognition by them helped keep my spirits up. As for the "Therapist" (all of them), they worked closely with me and adapted the care plan which would meet my goals and needs. From nursing, I again received complete care! The 'quality' score of "very good" allows for the continuous striving for improvement, goals updating and total team work! My thanks and gratitude to each of you!
W Merrill